Separateness: the fundamentals of self-deception

In this post I dig deeper into separateness, the fundamental issue affecting all of Mankind, and explain how it relates to the various deceptions and self deceptions we all participate in to maintain Ego, ideologies, authority and hierarchy structures and that what we call society.

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Relative truth

Absolute truth has no physical form. This is because absolute truth is pure consciousness. It can be insight, it can be what you glean from actual reality, for example what comes to your senses when you look at the sky, or a tree. You can call it insight, or even inspiration. But once truth or consciousness enters into a relationship it becomes relative truth. Therefore absolute truth cannot be expressed in words.

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The paradox of greed and selfishness

In this post we're going to look at the paradox of greed and selfishness. Hopefully by the end of this post you will see how when distorted by separateness greed and selfishness can be powerfully destructive to both society and the environment. But hopefully also you will see how both greed and selfishness can be transformed into a basis for both spiritual and social liberation.

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Love and reincarnation

Energy and consciousness are equal to one another in the same way as karma is always equal to reincarnation. This means that karma is always equal to love, truth, beauty, and courage. At the top of the pyramid of human living existence all these things become one.

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